About Albania

Albania, with population just under 3 million is a relatively small country, is about the same size as Belgium (11.5 million) or Maryland in the USA (6 million people).

Although Albania was the first Soviet country in 1967 to declare itself an atheistic state, today only about 2.5% identify as such. Almost 60% of the population today identify as Muslim, not far from the census data of 1927 when the figure was at 68%. The percentage protestants in comparison is less than 0.5%.

Albania is a poor country compared Western Europe and the US, with its poverty rate in 2019 estimated at 29.5%. In contrast, the literacy levels are above 98%, with most students attending 16 years of education. Yet, like many poor countries with a good education, Albania suffers from a ‘brain drain’ to Europe where many with the means go to seek a future for themselves.