News update October 2020

In March when we all became aware of COVID-19 and its potential effects on the economy, a major concern for us was how we would be able to sell our home if the housing market crashes again like in 2008. But of course, to my shame (and our relief), you and I know that we do not serve a world-system with its instabilities and false promises. We serve a God who cares for His Children. And so, this last week we received and accepted an offer for our home here in Florida so that God-willing, we will be closing the sale on November 30. God has done a wonderful thing for us yet again. Let us bless the Lord and never forget any of His graces toward us (Ps 103).

What all this means is that our date for moving to Albania is now set for the first week of December. Yes that is less than 60 days from today! Before then, we have installed traveling to attend Calvary Presbytery in South Carolina, a US presidential election, Thanksgiving, packing-up, work-permits, visas and of course support-raising.

The one thing that we are learning is that turmoil is always part of the game. If we wait for calm waters before we invest our souls in God, then we will effortlessly drift away from Him. “Set your minds on things above”, said Paul (Col 2) and that is how we want to have our souls quieted in Christ (Ps 131).

In view of this, we would like to make some specific prayer requests known to you as you also pray for us.

  • The first is our family dynamics as we enter unchartered waters yet again. Please pray for our family devotional time, that it would be unchaotic and fruitful. Please pray that we as parents would live the Gospel to our children as they see in us the fruit of true faith and hope in God.
  • Secondly, please pray for all the logistical and relational things that have to come together for us to arrive in Durrës in December. As I mentioned, we have permits and visas, moving companies, plane tickets, all of which to organize in the middle of a pandemic.
  • And thirdly, please continue to pray with us for financial support. Even though we are on our way to Albania already, we are still below 50% of our target. Please pray for opportunities in which we may share with others our mission to Albania. If you would like to make a once-off donation, or support us monthly with whatever amount, please visit our financial support page for details.

Also, if you would like to have access to our password-protected page for prayer support, please send me an e-mail and I will gladly share it with you.

Finally, we also now have a brochure to more easily share our vision and mission with people. This was made for us by Taylor Alt, a kind friend of ours from church. If you ever want to acquire his services, please visit his website at

Together in Christ,

Mauritz, Euodia, Nadya and Yehoshua.   



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Shipping out to Albania!!


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