The Cross-trail

One thing that has been a lifeline for us in Florida is the Cross Seminole trail that happens to run not far from our house. Euodia and I go run there every second morning. We love to bike on it and take the kids there to go rollerblade.

We did not know any of this the day we picked our new home, so we were delighted and deeply thankful when we discovered its beauty so close to our front door.

We often reflect on how beautiful the bike-paths and trails are where we have lived during our sixteen years of marriage (if you live in Holland or Riehen, you would know what we are referring to). But, along with that, we often try imagine what life for a believer in, say Syria must be like. What type of trails do their children have to tread everyday. And how is it that our worlds, our trails are so different? Why are their trails so reminiscent of the via dolorosa and mine so much of the promised land?

Published by Mauritz Bezuidenhoudt


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