News update August 2020

Dear friend and beloved in Christ,

Last week was a surreal, even sad (very silly yes) experience for us as we drove to seminary to pick up Mauritz’s degree certificate. What we were thinking twelve years ago when he started with seminary is foggy in our minds, but we do recall that we did so, because we wanted to preserve our faith in the midst of a spiritually hostile world.

Those were simple choices for God’s Kingdom to be formed in our hearts, but as we now begin to take stock, at least

So, what now? Well, like you, we simply continue to seek for God’s Kingdom to be formed within us. This we pray and long for, both for ourselves and for you – whether we profess faith in Christ somewhere on a mission field, or at home preparing dinner for our families.

With that firmly in mind, let us update you on all the developments since we last sent you a letter. Our plan to move to Albania is moving forward very well. Working with Mission to the World (MTW), Martin Bucer Seminary (MBS) and Durres Reformed Church has now materialized into a three-way agreement with respect to Mauritz’s call. On paper, the plan is that Mauritz will apply his efforts in a 3:2 ratio between MBS and the church.

Of course, in the first year we will be spending a lot of time learning language and to love the country’s people and culture. While Mauritz is eager to begin spending time with students –  understanding their worlds, their walk with the Lord and their theology, Euodia and the children will immerse themselves in the lives of women and children from the church alongside Jenny, Albert’s wife. In fact, Euodia is already part of their homeschooling group, meeting via zoom on a regular basis.

Just thinking about all this is exhilarating. And humbling! Please pray for God’s blessing in this so that the power of the Gospel (Rom 1:16-17) would permeate all these relationships – that our redemption through Jesus Christ be foremost in our minds and hearts.

Our target move date from Florida to Albania is still set for November/December this year. Several reasons go into this:

  1. Mauritz has started the process to be licensed within the Presbyterian church in America (PCA), which if all goes well, will occur in November.
  2. We must raise sufficient monthly support for us to go. As of today, our financial support stands at about 25% of the $4000 per month we need. For this we are deeply grateful yet also very aware of the responsibility we have with your investment and trust. It is not a small thing for us every time someone informs us of their desire to stand with us in this call from God.
  3. Our financial ability to stay in the US is also limiting the time we can stay around. December seems the latest possible date at this stage.

The good news is that we finally have our USA (and soon also Swiss) channels set up for financial support. More importantly, if you would like to support us on a monthly basis, we would like to know about that. It will not only help us plan adequately, it puts you firmly in our minds and hearts when we pray also for you.

Kindly e-mail us at, or go to Financial Support and leave us a message at the bottom of the page. Of course face-to-face is always the best, if possible.

US Support

Our MTW account is also now live for US support. You can redirect to the online payment page here.

Alternatively please go to the MTW website ( and search for Bezuidenhoudt, or the account number p-0366.


In Switzerland and the EU, you may soon support us via payments to the BIA verein account being created.

Geoffrey Holder, Marco Ferraro and Jing Qian (from left to right)

Earlier this week a verein called Bezuidenhoudts in Albania (BIA) came to life, complete with board members and all (see picture above). We are grateful for these three and their families who have been championing the mission to Albania for some time now.

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